Too Cute Tuesday – Coral and Tusk


We all know the feeling of seeing a cutesy image over on the old Instagram…we are running late, but hey we scroll anyway, then we click and whoops…..we are on the artist website and looking at all their stuff.  That’s what will happen when you get an eye full of Coral and Tusk.

Pocket doll by coral and tusk
Meet Goban one of their pocket dolls – complete with it’s own fish!

Their website (yes, see we had the same temptation problem and just had to give it the old look over!) tells us about the brand:

Coral & Tusk creates spirited embroidered textiles for the home and gifting. Founded in 2007 by designer Stephanie Housley, Coral & Tusk’s creative process is a special alchemy of storytelling, illustration, and machine embroidery. Designed with an authentic spirit, each Coral & Tusk embroidery begins as an original pencil drawing by Stephanie. Uniquely crafted, with a focus on the natural beauty of linen balanced with the artistry and detail of embroidery, a Coral & Tusk piece is sure to surprise and delight.

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So what are you waiting for?  Go check them out!

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