Too Cute Tuesday – Felt with Courtney Doom

Courtney Doom aka Iggy Star Pup - Hagrid Felt Hoopla
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It's another Too Cute for Mr X Stitch Tuesday!

Back in 2012 we featured the work of Iggy Star Pup aka Courtney Doom. Her work is really bright, cheery and very Pop Art in style. It’s guaranteed to make you smile!

After seven years of stitching, there’s always a risk that someone might give up as life takes its natural turns, but oh how we love it when artists keep on going..! Without further ado, here’s her recent work:

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Courtney Doom's Hagrid Felt Hoopla
We all want to be….

She has an Instagram and an Etsy store. Check out her cool pins!

Felt and colour with Iggy Star Pup made into wearable pins.
Most of her pieces have a positive message attached – there’s more to this gal than a stitch-y soul…

Go and visit Courtney Doom and tell her Mr X Stitch sent you!

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