Craft Fayre? More like craft unfair…

Went to a craft fayre at Middleton Hall in the CMK shopping centre today. I had some high hopes, thinking we might meet some groovy crafters selling interesting wares.
But no.
It was mostly people selling strange bits of naffness, things which were either kinda franchise items, or things that you really wouldn’t want to buy. Now I suppose I’m doing someone a discredit because I’m sure some of the stall holders were good at making the things they were selling. But it was so depressing.
One of the problems with Central Milton Keynes is that it’s impossible for independent retailers to get a shop, because the rents are so high. So the boulevards of the shopping centre are filled with all the big store names. Fair enough.
But then they have the craft fayres, garden shows, and all those kind of shows that cost a small fortune to get a stall at. And there’s nothing that’s local or nothing that inspires you to anything other than self-harm. Seriously, we’ve had garden shows with no plants, food festivals without a single local producer, and now craft fayres with not a single crafter that I wanted to talk to or buy from.
Makes me want to organise something.
Or move somewhere.

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