Craftivist Collective- Join us in hijacking Valentines Day 2014!

Craft + Activism = Craftivist Collective

On Valentine’s Day we usually show our love by giving gifts to our beaus. But what about everyone else? This year, why not show love to your global neighbour – and encourage others to do the same – with our Valentines Day craftivism project?


All you need to make your craftivist Tatty Devine designed keyring
All you need to make your craftivist Tatty Devine designed keyring


 The idea is to leave one or more of our Valentines cards around your local area, where they will be found by members of the general public and provoke thought and action to think about how we can support vulnerable people around the world. 

Each card contains an alternative Valentines message that acts as a friendly reminder of the difficult circumstances some of the world’s citizens are in & how we can be part of the solution to global poverty and suffering rather than the problem. The card can also include a love heart sweet and a handmade keyring designed for Craftivist Collective by cult jewellers Tatty Devine, which should get people thinking & talking.

Hand delivered to gaps in walls, cash machine slots, shop shelves etc, you don’t have to be in a relationship to receive one of these treasures!


Leave your Valentines letter somewhere for people to find
Leave your craftivist Valentines letter somewhere for people to find


Over the last three years, craftivists have left more than 1000 of these alternative Valentines cards across the UK, from London to Liverpool, Cornwall to Coventry, and beyond (have a look at some of the photos here). We’ve even spread the love globally, with craftivists from America and Canada joining in too.

Anyone can complete and deliver this project on their own or in a group. Check out our events page to see whether there’s a stitch-in near you, or why not organise your own? All you need to know can be found on our website, including the letter templatekeyring designvideo instructions and even a press release.

So this February, share your love near and far with the Craftivist Collective Valentines Day project, and help create change and facilitate conversations that will last a lot longer than your average bunch of roses or box of chocolates! 🙂 


 You can Join in our projects and connect with me & the Craftivist Collective at , buy our products on our Etsy shop (to help sustain our existence) & you can find more top tips on how to be an effective craftivist in our new book A Little Book of Craftivism

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Sarah Corbett
Sarah Corbett grew up as an activist and has worked in the charity sector for over 7 years in engaging people in global injustices working for Christian Aid, DFID and most recently Oxfam as a Community & Activism Campaigner before she became a full time Craftivist. She founded the Craftivist Collective in 2009 after craft-lovers around the world asked to join in her craftivism (activism through craft) as a way to make positive change and give introverts a voice outside of traditional extrovert forms of activism.
Sarah Corbett


We’ve helped change laws, company policies, hearts & minds. Join in our #gentleprotest approach to #craftivism alone or w.others 😊❤️ Tweets by @sarahpcorbett
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Sarah Corbett
Sarah Corbett