Craftster Pick of the Week! – Coldasashes

It's the Craftster Pick of the Week - brought to you by Mr X Stitch!

Time for another look at some of the great work featured in the forums at Craftster. Note: Although they’re the pick of this week, they may have appeared before this week.

There’s someone new to the scene on craftster, and we’re really digging what she’s been showing us! Her name is coldasashes and she’s got some real stitching skills.

This first embroidery is a Hoodie Ninja patch she made for her boyfriend:
This is an embroidery she made that was inspired by the movie The Royal Tennenbaums:
And this is her take on Kurt Halsey’s Walking in the Rain:
Here’s a closer look:
Amazing stuff and lovely stitching! I can’t wait to see more!

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