Craftster Pick of the Week – Octopus Embroidery

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It's the Craftster Pick of the Week - brought to you by Mr X Stitch!

Time for another look at some of the great work featured in the forums at Craftster. Note: Although they’re the pick of this week, they may have appeared before this week.

This week’s pick is brought to us by greeneggsandham, and surprisingly, it is her first attempt at embroidery. Take a look at this lovely thing and you will see what I mean!

octopus_embroidery by greeneggsandham

This definitely does not look like an amateur attempt at embroidery to me. It’s expressive and detailed, from the delicate, bubble-like circles to the crosshatch stitches between the tentacles. Here’s a closer look at her stitching:

octopus_embroidery close by greeneggsandham

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Definitely great stuff, especially for a first project!

In her original Craftster post, we were thrilled to see that she had: been inspired by all the wonderful embroidery I see here on craftster and other blogs like MrX Stitch. We’re so glad to have provided you with inspiration, greeneggsandham, and we hope we continue to do so in the future!

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