Craftster Pick of the Week – A Starting Five!

It's the Craftster Pick of the Week on Mr X Stitch!

I really like Craftster. It’s got a very wide range of subject matter and there are some very cool people doing some very cool things on it. I tend to hang out on the needlecraft boards, as that’s where I feel most at home, but I shall eventually spread my wings onto other boards like cooking and crafting for good and not evil. I don’t want to rush it though; there’s so much good stuff my brain might explode from all the influences.

Anyway, on the needlecraft board there have been some very cool things of late, so here’s my top five. In no particular order:
Snarkypants' hand embroidered Tea Towel Murders
Snarkypants’ Tea Towel Murders – if only it had been celery that had been killed…

RollerDerbyQueen's roller derby cross stitch
Rollerderbyqueen’s homage to the Nickel City Knockouts. I don’t really know what roller derby is, but I like it!

Newcoza's Memento cross stitch
Newcoza’s Memento Embroidery is pretty clever.

WhateverJames' geeky cross stitched love poem
WhateverJames has done a nice geek-love cross stitched poem for his girlfriend.

Crafty Panties' Temari
Crafty Panties has done an amazing temari, and I haven’t got the foggiest how she made it.

There’s so much talent out there it hurts, and what’s nice is that two of the five I’ve chosen were done by men. Good work fellas!

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