Craftster Pick of the Week – Five TV Themed Stitcheries!

DesignerFake's Mighty Boosh Hand Embroidery
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It's the Craftster Pick of the Week - brought to you by Mr X Stitch!

It’s August 2013 and Mr X Stitch will be five years old at the end of the month! So we’re celebrating by giving you all a bunch of fives from our archives. This week’s Craftster Pick of the Week post features five TV themed stitcheries that have been made by Craftsters over the years. If you’re a stitcher and you’ve not visited Craftster, you’re really missing out.

We hope you enjoy these five – which one’s your favourite?

cigarettesandvalentines' 30 Rock Cheesy Blasters Meat Cat hand embroidery
cigarettesandvalentines’ 30 Rock Cheesy Blasters Hand Embroidery
Rachel McKay's Tom Servo hand embroidery
Rachel McKay’s MST3K Hand Embroideries
Oobigaloobi's Dexter Cross Stitch
Oobigaloobi’s Dexter Cross Stitch
CraftyOctober's Mythbusters hand embroideries
CraftyOctober’s Mythbusters Hand Embroideries
DesignerFake's Mighty Boosh Hand Embroidery
DesignerFake’s Mighty Boosh Hand Embroidery

Be sure to come back next week for another bunch of fives from the Craftster Pick archives!

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