Craftster Pick of the Week – Hamish Plays with Trains

It's the Craftster Pick of the Week - brought to you by Mr X Stitch!

Time for another look at some of the great work featured in the forums at Craftster. Note: Although they’re the pick of this week, they may have appeared before this week.

This week’s pick is brought to us by seamlessgem, who posted this beautiful portrait of her son playing.

hamish plays with trains by seamlessgem

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Absolutely fantastic. See more of her creations in her flickr photostream – I’m spent some time there and really enjoy her work.

As I was composing this post, I noticed that seamlessgem’s original post was transferred from the Needlework section to the Machine Embroidery section that resides under Sewing in Craftster. I think this serves as a reminder to people who (like me) tend to live in one section of the forum – there’s a lot of amazing things to be see in the other sections, too. From now on the pick of the week might be from any section in the forums – just as long as it was made with a needle of some sort. 🙂

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