Craftster Pick of the Week – Jessii’s Fan Stitches

It's the Craftster Pick of the Week - brought to you by Mr X Stitch!

Time for another look at some of the great work featured in the forums at Craftster. Note: Although they’re the pick of this week, they may have appeared before this week.

Craftster member Jessii is a bit of a superfan. When she likes a band, she crafts for them.

This stitch was made for the band Motion City Soundtrack. It is based on an image from one of their videos. Read more about it in Jessii’s original Craftster post.

See Also

This stitch is based on cover art from an album by The Matches. See more details about this here.

It’s always nice to see stitches that were inspired by things the crafter loves. 🙂 Keep stitching, Jessii, we hope to see more from you soon!

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