Craftster Pick of the Week – Redwork Doll House

It's the Craftster Pick of the Week - brought to you by Mr X Stitch!

Time for another look at some of the great work featured in the forums at Craftster. Note: Although they’re the pick of this week, they may have appeared before this week.

This week’s pick is a lovely little redwork doll house posted by muddlepud.

redwork doll house

This beautiful piece was made to be part of the Quilt Project at kootoyoo. Muddlepud says she chose the subject matter as a way to reflect her own personality, as detail and houses are two things she loves. She definitely reflected that here, as this piece is practically overflowing with detail.

redwork doll house detail

She included so many little things – the vase on the end table in the living room, the pictures on the refrigerator, the books on the bookshelf in the bedroom…

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redwork doll house detail1

Even the random stuff that’s packed away in the attic.

Wonderful! You can read muddlepud’s original post here – or check out her flickr photostream for more detailed pictures of this project.

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