Curationism – Can’t Talk, Mouth Full, Bit Off a Lot
Welp, i’m doing something new. Two shows back to back, and one of them is my first mixed media show. Wow. This is a crazy busy time and curating other art forms is a whole other ball game! I thought it would be the same, and much of it is, but there are some definite differences. But let’s start at the beginning.

Gossip by Tamara Tolkin

As you may know I curate Stitch Fetish every February at The Hive Gallery. At the end of the show this year (the fifth!), the gallery owner and I were discussing how long it had been since there was a women’s show at the gallery. And just like that, I was curating a third show this year ( I had already committed to taking Stitch Fetish up to San Francisco in October), so we picked September, as the SF show opens mid-October. The women’s show was local for two reasons: 1. There are so many talented female artists here in LA that aren’t getting enough exposure. 2. I do so much shipping with Stitch Fetish and was done shipping and receiving for the year.

How Do You Do What You Do by Carol Powell

One big difference, because of the theme not medium(s), is that nothing is as much fun as Stitch Fetish. Neighborhood Girls has incredible works in it (and you know I had some fiber works in the show), but it doesn’t make me giggle the way Sally Hewett’s butts n boobs do. Also, and maybe I’m lucky, but I find stitchers to be humble, gracious, lovely people on the whole. There are a lot more egos in the other art forms. But really, the biggest difference was having one show up and promoting it while planning another. Starting promotion of the new show and finding a happy balance where I don’t flood people’s dashboards with images, is tricky.

Riley’s Eyes by Emma Rose Laughlin

Curating out of town is a whole other ball of wax, too! This is the second time I’ve done so and I had trepidation after the first experience, but this has been lovely. The CSC is well run and professional, and communication during prep has been fantastic! So amenable and helpful, making things happen and work. They’ve even let me know when work arrives so I’m up to date. It might even be easier (so far) than Stitch Fetish here, as I don’t have an apartment full of boxes of erotic fiber art.

okay, so there was still some erotica in my living room to ship… misc. erotica by Julie Sarloutte, me (Ellen Schinderman), and Sophie Tomlinson (and my paper mache dog).

Now, tomorrow is the last day of Neighborhood Girls and Monday night is the take down. A week from Tuesday, I fly up to San Francisco to install Stitch Fetish San Francisco at the Center for Sex and Culture. As always, I am thrilled! It’s a slightly smaller show than the one here in LA. It’s mostly returning artists, with a few additions, some of whom I’ve been a fan of for years, and finally got to! I cannot wait to get up there and see it all in person. And with Neighborhood Girls down I’ll be able to focus on promoting SFSF.

Mini Girl 4 by Jesica So Ren Tang

I have to say, hats off to the gallery owners and curators who do twelve shows or more a year. Wow. This is three in a year for me, the most I’ve put up in a year so far, and it’s amazing how much work another show adds. I guess it’s like kids, that it’s exponential: a second one is way more than twice the work… But I make art, not babies, so I’m just hazarding a guess.

Cock Fight by Gina Gallina

If you’re in the Bay Area, please come join us at the opening of Stitch Fetish San Francisco, on Friday the 13th of October, at the Center for Sex and Culture,1349 Mission Street, San Francisco, 94103. And, as a super fun closing event, we’re having a naughty craft fair just in time for the holidays, on Saturday December 2nd. We’re still accepting submissions for table rental or small crafty dirty items that you’d like to ship and sell if you’re not in the area.

Voyeur by Peg Grady

And, finally, here we go again! Submissions are open for Stitch Fetish 6 at the Hive Gallery in February of 2018!

Phew. Okay, back to work… No rest for the wicked (and you know I’m no saint…)!

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