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Hullo! I’m Curegreed, and every third Friday of the month I’m supposed to be telling you all about what goes on at the degree in The Royal School of Needlework. However I’m on my holidays now, so from here until September the posts’ll be varied and (hopefully) interesting. Here goes nothing!

So, despite the fact I’m holidaying (and should therefore be sleeping in till midday every morning and just larking about) I’m actually still working. My current (and most exciting project) is one I’m doing with The London Craftivist Collective.

The collective is something I’ve been involved with since I moved to London in September for my studies. We meet every third Thursday and discuss goals and aims for the upcoming times and then make ‘Mini Protest Banners’ incorporating our chosen theme and hang up these (3″x4″) cross stitches around London.

Normally we leave the cross stitches up to the individiuals, to choose what to stitch upon- we give pages with cross stitched alphabets to aid people, but mostly it’s entirely up to the stitcher to choose. Recently however, I’ve been using my new found cross stitch pattern making skills to create themed patterns for the banners. This time round – without a goal or a theme, but a need to create things to sell at a stall – I had free rein to create patterns whichever way I choose.

I designed four little ‘rules to live by’ stitches, things that won’t go out of date when campaigns are won, or lost. They are simple, easy and quick- I completed one sat on the underground from Whitechapel to Ealing, which takes about 40minutes. Embroidery on the train is FUN!


Here they are, all together. I’ve sent the patterns off to be professionally printed as postcards- and hopefully in the future they’ll be available to buy, not only at craft fayres in London, but on that wonderful site we call Etsy.

Keep your eye on The Craftivist Collective- we’re good eggs and (if I may say so) an interesting bunch to follow. Also, if you are in London- please come join us!


If you want to see my other work then my personal blog is a pretty good place to start: My Little Stitches
If you want to know more, please get in touch! You can email me at: prettyguns.rosa[at]

Disclaimer: Curegreed’s view do not necessarily represent those of the Royal School of Needlework, and she’s not pretending they do. Okay?

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