Too Cute Tuesday – Dance it out, Dinosaur by Sarah Hennessey

Can I just say that this irreverent little dinosaur by Sarah Hennessey makes me smile?

Dance It Out, Bitch Dinosaur Embroidery Hoop Art

Sarah is so inventive.

Let’s take a brontosaurus, put him in a playful pose (with his little dinosaur feet prancing a jig) and add a wicked tag line. Yes!

Sarah’s artwork includes both embroidery and ink pen line drawings. Be sure to check out her delightful, elegant collection in her etsy shop (Sometimes I Swirl) and in her flickr stream.

She has created a wonderful world of curving, often fantastical designs that I always enjoy.

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Olisa Corcoran is a stitch artist and blogger living in Durham, NC. She speaks fluent Nuyorican and always keeps her dial turned to 11.


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