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Japanese embroidery artist, Kamio Mari, will strike your fancy with her colorful, handmade creations. Although her work isn’t covered in complicated stitches, her design ability is captivating. Something that seems so simple, in fact requires a great deal of clever technique applications.




Kamio Mari studied and graduated from the textile design program at Tama Art University in Tokyo. Their creed is “Freedom and Will” which is based on the philosophy that “will creates freedom, and freedom fosters will”. Tama Art University or ‘Tamabi’ is considered one of the top art schools in Japan.




Her aesthetic straddles between adorable and beautiful. It reminds me of illustrations in a child’s fairy-tale book. One of my favorite things about her artwork is her prolific designs. She’s made many types of animals, flowers, and images in several colors and each one is unique. She tirelessly constructs new and unexpected characters that somehow also seem familiar.




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Lately she’s been making short, stop-motion videos that are heartwarming to watch. The star is always a raggedy rabbit who’s briefly having tea or helping with embroidery. If you’d like to see more of Kamio Mari you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook.


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