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Hanna Mancini - Flossy

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This week I have scoped out this adorable plush appropriately named ‘Flossy’ by Hanna Mancini. Flossy is made from wool felt, an up-cycled embroidered doily and some pretty impressive hand stitching. If you liked this piece then you have to check out the rest of her felt creations on dA by clicking here. You can also buy an original hand made piece on Etsy. Come to think of it, my mantle piece is looking a bit empty…



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It's Kate BlandfordKate Blandford is a craft and doodle enthusiast currently working in Bristol. With a penchant for cross stitch and pixels, Kate produces work dabbling in both the handmade and the digital. Her work was once described as ‘shabby chic for Satanists’ due to her love of embroidery, twee skulls and Slayer. You can visit her website here:

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