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I have gone for a bit of a spicy number this Friday evening with this piece from Meltedsquirrel‘s series which takes inspirations from the Wizard of Oz and BDSM. I have got to say I love the juxtaposition of the floral background against the bondage and it definitely caught my eye when scouring the depths of Deviant Art. I am such a sucker for this hand stitched approach when it comes down to embroidery and I love how well it sits presented in the wooden hoop. Kudos from me Jaclyn! Other work worth mentioning is this awesome piece of embroidered typography (be warned though, it is NSFW!) and it can be bought from Etsy for less than £7. Incredible!

Not in Kansas by Meltedsquirrel

Kate Blandford
Kate Blandford is a craft and doodle enthusiast currently working in Bristol. With a penchant for cross stitch and pixels, Kate produces work dabbling in both the handmade and the digital. Her work was once described as ‘shabby chic for Satanists’ due to her love of embroidery, twee skulls and Slayer.
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