Too Cute Tuesday – Star Wars freakiness by Drop Dead Quirky


I am insanely excited about this week’s Too Cute Tuesday post because the artworks are so very, very, very clever and embody the wild perversity of my own cuteness aesthetic. And they feature images from Star Wars, one of the heights of nerdly creation of the whole 20th Century.

Are you ready?

Feast your eyes on the gorgeous, wild work of Drop Dead Quirky.

First up: This wonderful mash-up of Star Wars jawas and the freaky twins from The Shining.

NOT MY WORK! R2D2 by Drop Dead Quirky

Caw! How cool is that?!

And if that wasn’t enough, look at her lovingly stitched, cameo portrait of that giant hunk of heroic fur that is Chewie.

NOT MY WORK! Chewie by Drop Dead Quirky

Oh my, they are wonderful.

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For more of Drop Dead Quirky’s fantastic creations, please check out her etsy shop, her flickr stream and her blog. There is a treasure of cute and creepy to be found in her work. And a great deal of talent and lovely stitching.

Go Drop Dead Quirky!

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