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Breaking Bad Needle Felting by Ellen Delbourgo

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A quick and dirty post from me, the Moxie, this month. Many apologies but I finally caught the sinus-crushing-fever-nightmare-hobo-cough from which everyone around me has been suffering. (Thanks guys, seriously… no need to cover your mouths when you spew, it’s fine.)

Anyway, even if you’re not into the whole brevity thing, I think you’ll still love this inspired needle felting from wicked-cool artist Ellen Delbourgo. She sent me the coolest email on Flickr a while back and now I’m kind of internet stalking her.

She made this “Breaking Bad” inspired meth works… how could I not stalk her?

Breaking Bad Needle Felting by Ellen Delbourgo

Ellen wrote in her photo caption that she was just practicing, so to me it means this is just a peek of the awesome she’ll bring in the future.

You should know that she makes other art, too. Definitely worth the clicky.

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