Domestitchery – Embellishing Lampshade with Stitchery


The Mistress T can gawk at well-made lampshades for hours which makes finding and being shown embroidered ones a pleasure for her inbox.  So to speak.

A Suzani lampshade from Material Recovery!

And just look at a couple of examples of what Riann’s been up to:

Lampshade #2 Complete

This one strikes me as perfect for the mathematician.

Small graphic lampshade

See Also

As if that weren’t enough, here’s a *kit* by LampGustaf for stitching it up yourself!  I’m tempted to buy one, but I know in my heart that I’d have difficulty committing to an design and that if I did commit it would be my first foray into cross stitching and I’d be ashamed of my amateurish outcome.  I’d love, love, LOVE to see anyone’s utilization of this, though.  Hint, hint.

It’s so great to imagine the possibilities of needlework when the aspect of light shining through it is added to the mix.  What about utilizing the glow-in-the-dark floss for lampshades so they can go on glowing after the lamp has been turned off?  Please share with the Mr X Stitch family any lampshade goodness you’ve stitched!

TheMistressT is a scumbler and plastrix by day and a craft dabbler by night. Her mottoes include “any excuse for a costume” and “there’s no such thing as too much carpincho.”

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