Sequintial Art – Embroidery Repairs

Claire Barrett
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  • A darning mushroom is like a darning egg, except that it’s shaped like a mushroom and not an egg. Both are usually made of wood and give you a hard surface behind the place in the sock you are darning (most often a toe or a heel) so that you don’t accidentally sew right through to the other side. That would make it so that you close off the tube shape of the sock and render it unwearable.

    Usually the articles on Mr X Stitch are great, but a quick Google search for “darning mushroom” brings up a ton of images and explanations, so it’s not all lost in the recesses of time, as the author suggests. I realize that her specialty is embroidery and not knitting, but this is still slightly sloppy journalism.

  • i am living in the southern part of Africa, trying to find out if you can send me a quotation explaining how much and how long it takes per course in designing and also repairing embroidery machines. (all about embroidery) your quick response will be highly appreciated…

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