The Ailist – Issue Twenty One – Excellence in Fibers V

Ailish Henderson shares her view on the world of embroidery - it's the Ailist!

This month I am focusing on the awesome Excellence in Fibers V which has brought together a load of talented artists.  I can’t focus on them all, so I have picked up a few to mention.  This has been created by Fiber Art Network (check out their website)

If you happen to fancy a visit to see the exhibition related to this….then it opens December 12th and runs into March 2020. 

Congratulations to the artists whose works were selected for Excellence in Fibers V!

So here’s a few of my own personal highlights – bear in mind the images I have used to highlight the artists are not always the ones you will see on a visit to the exhibition they are a part of – this post is designed to introduce you to the artists themselves…..

Holly Brackmann

Are you a keen dyer of the fabric kind?  You might appreciate Brackmann’s work…

Excellence in Fibers V
Folded Currents – Manipulation and Dyeing processes were used to create this piece.

Surface design is the key element of this artists work. She explores weaving, dévoré (chemical burnout), dyeing, surface design, digital imagery, permanent pleating, multi-fibered fabrics and emerging textile techniques.  So its very much an art x textiles approach rather than traditional embroidery.  If you like posts on dyeing, have you ever read our own column on this very subject?  Click here to view!

Anyway moving on…more artists in Excellence in Fibers V!

Eszter Bornemisza

Living in Hungry, this artist tells us:  I draw inspiration from the graphical appearance of urban maps, old or new, real or imaginary.  I consider a city’s street network like its skeleton—a foundation for features that bring people together or fling communities apart, an imprint of times how the society uses or abuses it’s place of living.

This piece is called ‘Fragile Gift’. We loved the use of newspaper within this piece, the reuse of materials we normally throw away is a large part of this artists work.

Check out her website for more.

Cathryn Amidei

This awesome digital weaver has some designs worth taking a look at:

'Knowledge of sensation' - an an unusal view to focus on!
‘Knowledge of sensation’ – an an unusal view to focus on!

There is a link on her website to Digital Weaving USA – we recommend you having a look as its such an interesting skill.

Margaret Abramshe

This quilter, also a part of Excellence in Fibers V has a bright colour palette with loads of characters and cuties.  Check out her arty ‘quilty’ work via her website.

Here’s one of our top picks:

Nap Time
Nap Time

She’s had so many exhibitions or at least been a part of so many – sadly most are over in the USA for those of us bound to the UK – so check her out online!

So, there you go – a few highlights of this Fiber Art Now exhibition and artists involved – don’t forget to check out the main FAN website!

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