FFFoF – Introducing the Sailormouth Pattern Series!

Mr X Stitch continues to push forward in the world of contemporary stitchery, and our stable of pattern designers has recently grown with the addition of the fantastic Sailormouth. Hailing from Texas, Sailormouth has a fantastic sense of humour and has done a great job with these tattoo inspired original designs!

First up we have a classic design for the horny devil in your life. 5 inches wide by 7 inches high, this simple design is quick and easy to make, and ould be stuck anywhere! The pattern is available in PDF format for only $6!

Sailormouth does have a bit of a thing for bunny rabbits, but his are no ordinary bunnies. He gives us rock n roll rabbits, in this instance, adorning a wonderful phrase for the hallway of any decent home. Bust out this backstitch blessing and your house is guaranteed cool.

We’ve got some more Sailormouth patterns to share with you, but we don’t want you to overdose. So we’ll show you the rest of them in another post later on! For now, just head on over to the Mr X Stitch etsy store and get your hands on the best patterns out there!

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