Fifth Friday Festival of Fabulousness – October 2011 edition!

Holy mackerel, it’s a Fifth Friday! And that means it’s another Fifth Friday Festival of Fabulousness! Awesome!

So what have we got lined up for you this time?

We introduce you to the patterns of StudioMME, with a chance to win one of their cool, new embroidery kits.

We’ve got two book reviews for you:

  • The new book from Sweat Shop, the ultra cool craft cafe deep in the heart of Paris!
  • The book that affirms embroidery’s place as the contemporary art form of choice – PUSH: Stitchery!

You will have a chance to win a copy of these books – the copy of PUSH: Stitchery will be signed with a special message from everyone’s favourite wiseacre, Mr X Stitch!

As well as having a new book in stores, we’ve also got a cool new cross stitch product for you to get stuck into! We think you’ll love it!

And we’re launching another swap on our Flickr super-group, the Phat Quarter!

What a big bag of awesome! Let’s crack on with it!

Mr X
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Mr X
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