Five Book Recommendations for Xmas!

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There’s still time to hit the shops and get gifts for your stitchy chums, so we thought we’d put together a few book recommendations for you! We’ve done a fair few book reviews over the past year, so feel free to rummage through our back catalogue for ideas. For now we’ll showcase some books we’ll be reviewing in the near future!

Stitch Draw: Design and Technique for Figurative Stitching by Rosie James is a terrific introduction to figurative machine embroidery. We’ve been fans of Rosie for a long time and this book proves her skill as an artist and a teacher. Packed with inspiration and ideas, it features interviews with some great machine embroidery artists (including our very own Leigh Bowser) as well as simple instructions that will have you busting your machine out to get going.

We interviewed cross stitch sensation Makoto Oozu recently – he’s the Japanese answer to Mr X Stitch and has produced hundreds of cross stitch designs for you to stitch. This book – Makato’s Cross-Stitch Super Collection – is packed with ideas and motifs for you to mix and match. A great book for anyone who’s looking to cross stitch something a bit different!

Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism is the new book by Betsy Grier, who coined the phrase that you should know and love. Her book is a great intro to the subject and contained inspiration and interviews with activists and crafters from around the world, including Sarah Corbett, Carrie Reichart, Leigh Bowser and some wiseacre called Mr X Stitch.

While we’re on the subject, Sarah Corbett’s Little Book of Craftivism is a great stocking filler with anyone who has a social conscience and a penchant for craft! I highly recommend this little number – it could change the world.

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And finally, if you’ve not bought a copy of PUSH Stitchery, you’re missing out! It’s got 30 embroidery artists from around the world and is a terrific gallery book that shows what a versatile art form needlework can be. Here’s three links for you to get your copy, from the UK, the US and Canada!

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