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Hi, Mr X Stitch here.

Generally speaking I try to steer away from personal viewpoints on this site, however having watched a recent interview with Russell Brand, I was feeling inspired. Those of you that know me will know I am quite politically minded and becoming increasingly irritated by Governmental allegiances for big business and service to billionaires (the 1%), and their general disdain and contempt for the general populace (aka the 99%). Russell’s interview explores these ideas quite lightly, but he does it with charm and wit – if you’ve not watched the video, take ten minutes out and enjoy it:

So I thought I’d create a PolitX series of cross stitch patterns that explore some of these issues – it’s a good way for me to explore my responses to the way the world is turning, and hopefully give the more activist among you something nice and political to stitch. We’ll see what happens.

Maybe these views won’t be for you, and if they generate conflict for you, then I apologise. But, as Russell quite rightly says, if we carry on believing the current paradigm, we’re screwed. So I’m sticking my head up and expressing my view. I hope you like it!

This first outing is a bold move but it’s true. Right-click on the image to download the pattern – stitch it if you dare!

David Icke Is Right Cross Stitch Pattern from Mr X Stitch

A quick note about David Icke – don’t get hung up on lizards and that stuff. People make a big deal about that to undermine the massive amount of research he’s done into the global elite and their world domination plans. If you take time out to read what he’s said about oil and banking, it’s bang on.

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