Craftster Pick of the Month – Galegiegerich’s Camper

Galegiegerich's Needlepoint Camper
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Craftster Pick of the Month

Since 2003, Craftster has been the home of indie crafts, with thousands of people sharing their own creations across a wide range of craft forms. We love Craftster and each month we choose a piece from the world of needlecraft to share with you!. (Note: Although they’re the pick of this month, they may have appeared before this month.)

Galegiegerich's Needlepoint Camper

Galegiegerich made this nifty needlepoint camper for her daughter. Stitched on plastic canvas it’s got that retro vibe, and so much attention to detail!

Galegiegerich's Needlepoint Camper

Look at all those interior details! Such a great execution and a terrific use of plastic canvas.

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Galegiegerich's Needlepoint Camper

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