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Hello! It has been a while hasn’t it? I have a new slot here on this beautifully redesigned site and lots of new Deviant Discoveries to share with you all. You can now catch up with my Deviant antics every second Monday of the month!

To get things going I’ll start with ticking a few of my favourite boxes. Hand embroidery? Check. Plush? Check. Cats? CHECK. I am absolutely in love with Gatosalados’ cute calico kitties! Each has its own little character. Below are Ana and Ginger, check out Gatosalados’ dA and Instagram pages for more of the gang.


Kate Blandford

Kate Blandford is a craft and doodle enthusiast currently working in Bristol. With a penchant for cross stitch and pixels, Kate produces work dabbling in both the handmade and the digital. Her work was once described as ‘shabby chic for Satanists’ due to her love of embroidery, twee skulls and Slayer.

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