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It's Xmas Love with mr X Stitch

Seasonal Greetings Fibristas and Fibristos! The kindly St MrXStitchoclaus has invited regular contibutors to share stitchy gifts given at the wonderful time of the year.

My son lives 300k away from me, and of course, as any mother does, I miss him desperately, especially at this season. Earlier this year, he was gently chiding me about my art, saying he only got to see it online.

As a child, he had enthusiastically tried techniques with me while I was in college working on a 2 year Textile Arts program. He learned to embroider, he screenprinted and dyed with me, I teased myself with the idea of turning in *his* firstweaving as *my* final project as it was so much better than mine! I didn’t – instead he took part in a show on the island where we lived at the time, with his weaving and a small embroidered piece.

I decided this then was for him the minute I finished it. He shares my fascination with science and the arts, so this piece is perfect. Coupled with some accuracy, all the connotations hearts have, and the fact that it’s my work,  it makes it a perfect “gift from the heart” for him from his “tiny old mother”. A little burning, a bit of beading, Kantha running stitch and backstitch on hand dyed fabric, set into a shadow box:

Arlee's Xmas Gift

Merry Christmas to my darling, handsome, talented, brilliant son J!

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And to all of you: I wish you  sharp needles, strong threads, rainbows of fabric and floss in the new year. May your designs be splendiferous, your work heart felt and your art horizons expand beyond your wildest dreams.


Arlee Barr is a Canadian artist, working primarily with textiles. She describes herself as “curious, eccentric and just a little opinionated“. Surrealist in thought, Fauvist at heart, Arlee likes the eclectic, explorative and absurd. Sprinkled around the interwebs, she can be found hanging around her fantastic blog.

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