Graffiti Cross Stitch Workshop – City Lit Summer School – 26th – 27th July

Come to the Mr X Stitch Summer School at City Lit!

There’s still time to book your space on my Graffiti Cross Stitch Workshop happening at City Lit Summer School in Central London on 26th & 27th July.

It’s going to be a cool cross stitch workshop, developing an idea that I’ve had running in my head since I began Mr X Stitch, exploring the crossover between graffiti and cross stitch.

  • Explore different forms of graffiti and spend time developing a tag or graffiti design!
  • Learn how to cross stitch and stitch our design on specially printed brick wall aida!
  • While watching documentaries on graffiti!
  • Learn about some of the most current trends in needlework and textile art!
  • Explore yarnbombing and (fingers crossed) go out and bomb some fences with woollen cross stitch graffiti!

Experimental Yarnbombing from Mr X Stitch

I think this might be the greatest cross stitch workshop ever created, but I’m a bit biased. There will be laughter, creativity and a good time will be had by all. This is the first time a course like this has been created but if you’re interested in street art or needlework or just want to have a relaxing weekend getting your stitch on, then sign up for the course.

(Seriously, it’s going to be really interesting as we’ll be exploring unchartered territory)


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  • I wish there was a course like this online for those of us who can’t be there in person!

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