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The weather here in Vancouver BC has definitely changed. Even though the days are still beautiful and sunny there is a chill in the air that leaves me wishing that Summer would last and at the same time excited for Halloween.

With the latter in mind, I thought I would do an easy Halloween themed tutorial for this month’s post. The is no pattern as it is simple to create your own to whatever size you wish. This is a project that you could sew by hand or machine and is simple enough to get the kids involved.

And here it is; the tombstone plush, enlarge it and it could be a tombstone pillow, make it smaller and it could be a trick or treat prize.



Tombstone plush


So this is how it’s done.

You will need:
General sewing supplies, thread scissors etc.
Fabric: I used fleece for the stone and some flannel for the letters. Felt would also be good for the letters and you could upcycle an old sweatshirt or similar for the stone.

On thick paper or cardboard draw a square. Measure the center point of the top edge of the square and use a compass to make the curved top of the tombstone. The radius of the circle measures half the length of the edge of the square. There, you have the shape for the front and back of your plush.


tombstone plush pattern


At this point you may want to draw the letters that will be on the tombstone. I chose “RIP” as my tombstones are quite small, so three letters would fit on easily. You may find precut felt letters in the craft store though or you may choose to give your plush a scary or funny face.


tombstone plush pattern


Cut out your pattern pieces for the stone and the lettering.

Using a flexible tape measure, measure around the edge of the tombstone shape. To give the plush dimension you will need to cut a strip of fabric the length of the outer edge and the width will be the depth that you want your plush to be. I cut my front and back pieces at 17 cm tall, for the depth I cut a strip of 5 cm wide. With a 1 cm seam allowance this cave a plush of 15cm tall x 10 cm wide x 3 cm deep.


Measure around


You can draw around the cardboard onto the back of the fabric to mark out your pieces. As I used flannel (which can fray) for my letters I backed the flannel with iron on adhesive but it’s not necessary with felt. Remember that when you mark your letters onto the back of the fabric that you need to reverse your letters in order to have them facing the correct way on the right side of the fabric.


iron on adhesive


Cut out all your fabric pieces.


fabric pieces cut


First off add any lettering or embellishment to the front piece of the tombstone. If you are doing the project with children you may choose to glue the letters, in which case you could stick after sewing. Use a “high tack” glue for sticking felt.


sewing on the letters


Right sides together sew the ends of the strip together. Pin the strip to the edge of the front fabric piece. Sew all the way around. You will probably need to clip into the edge of the strip a little when you turn a corner (see photo).


sews ends of strip



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The hood is padded and moulded to appear naturally contoured with deep folds.

pieces pinned


Repeat for the back piece but leave a hole for turning and stuffing.


ready to turn


Turn and stuff.

Close the hole using a ladder stitch….”Ta-da!!”


All done!


Tombstone Plush







Becky Gould is the big kid behind Scrumptious Delight. Working from her home in Vancouver, BC she makes plush toys and soft sculptures that combine a love of food, all things furry and an unnatural appreciation of small appliances.

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