Plush Love (& a Sandwich) – Halloween Came Early


Plush Love and a Sandwich

I am obsessed with monsters, skeletons, and pumpkin flavored food. So obviously Halloween is my favorite holiday. Instead of waiting to do a Halloween feature for my October post, I decided to be impatient and show some Halloween plush now!

Demon plush Bonjo Spiketooth by TheBeastPeddler

I love this demon plush named Bonjo Spiketooth by The Beast Peddler. It’s teeth are real coyote teeth!

Make your own gravestone plush by Zombie Romance Halloween DIY Tutorial Pattern

This is such a good idea. Make Your Own Gravestone Plush by Zombie Romance. Personalize it to creep out your friends!

Bloody Blue Eyeball Halloween plush by Total Lost

These are so awesome! Bloody Blue Eyeball by Total Lost. Would make a great halloween decoration, or something to snuggle up with at night if you’re weird like that.

Dead Pumpkins Halloween Plush by Musers

Dead Pumpkins by Musers. I’ve never seen something dead look so cute! I love the tongues and that she gave them different shapes. No pumpkin is the same!

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The hood is padded and moulded to appear naturally contoured with deep folds.

Screen Printed Sugar Skellies Plush Day of the Dead Halloween Dia de los Muertos by Kat Brunnegraff

I love these screenprinted Sugar Skellies plushes by Kat Brunnegraff! So much that I own one myself. 🙂

I hope this post made you excited for Halloween, it sure did for me!


Chelsea Bloxsom is the woman behind Love & a Sandwich. She is most known for making monsters out of faux fur, but has recently gotten into making embroidered and appliquéd fan art on embroidery hoops! Her work can be found updated almost daily here!

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