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Handmade Fair 2016

The Handmade Fair is coming soon and from 16th to 18th September you’ll be able to come down to the Green at Hampton Court and have yourself a crafty adventure!

Here’s what the Handmade Fair people have to say: “Our Super Theatre, Skills Workshops, and Grand Makes are packed with exciting interactive sessions from the likes of Patrick Grant, Liz Earle, Cath Kidston, Fiona Cairns… the list goes on! Plus over 300 hand-picked sellers will fill the two fantastic shopping villages, and with our assortment of quirky caterers you won’t be short of delicious food and drink options either.

Not bad eh? But it gets better because your favourite manbroiderer Mr X Stitch will be in full attendance for all three days, and there’s a heap of stuff happening.

Booby cross stitch with DMC

Each day he’ll be running a Boobalicious Embroidery workshop in association with DMC and the Pink Ribbon Foundation, where you’ll learn how to cross stitch and be encouraging to stitch your favourite name for your boobs! Find out about these workshops at the Handmade Fair site!

During the rest of the day he’ll be hanging out at the DMC stand, where (among other things) you’ll be able to try out their Stitch By Me customisation products to turn a t-shirt or tote bag into something unique! If you don’t know what Custom By Me is, here’s Ame Verso from Sew & So to explain more!


And if that wasn’t enough, on the Sunday he’s going to be craft-battling it out with Momtaz Begum-Hossain from the Make Escape, on the main stage in a Mollie Makes Mashup! That is going to be epic!

As well as Mr X Stitch being all of the place, in the Shopping Villages you’ll be able to find Floss & Mischief, Hannah Bass and Jenny Henry Designs, all of whom are heartily recommended!

If you’ve not bought your ticket yet, there’s still time and the good news is that you can save 15% off on tickets when you book online at quoting promo code: EXPERT by 15th September 2016. The offer applies to Entry Only, Entry + Super Theatre and Full Experience.

It’s a good show with plenty of things to spend your money on, so get tickets while you still can and have a great time!

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