The Handmade Fair approaches!

The Handmade Fair - Ragley

The Handmade Fair at Ragley Hall is this coming weekend and it’s going to be a treat! I’ve got three cross stitch workshops – one on each day – where I’ll be helping people stitching this nifty little design.

Mr X Stitch's Handmade Love Cross Stitch Pattern

I love doing the big scale workshops because the learning curve for cross stitch remains pretty short, ten minutes tops, after which I spend my time going round the room, talking with stitchers and generally having a laugh. I’m not sure what happens, but because they give me a microphone, it flips some kind of stand up comedy switch in my brain, and off I go making all kinds of nearly inappropriate jokes. I should point out though, that I provide a good quality teaching experience and always answer people’s serious questions with due diligence!

Mr X Stitch at the Handmade Fair 2015
You can almost smell the comedy!

On Friday afternoon I’m also doing another Mollie Makes mashup, where this year I’ll be squaring up against Christine Leech aka Sew Yeah! Our challenge isn’t easy, but I feel like I’ve a fair shot at it this year. Whatever happens I know it’ll be a good bit of fun!

Christine Leech - Sew Yeah All in all I think it’ll be a good show, as there’s the usual range of quality craft sellers, tasty food stalls and dozens of workshops. If you’re going, I hope to see you there! If you’re thinking of going, I’ve got a nifty discount code you can use to get a Full Experience Ticket for only £22 (about 20% off the price!). All you need do is quote the code MrXStitch22 at the checkout, or, even easier, just get the ticket from here! Wicked!

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