Hanging By A Thread Of Gold – Charlotte Bailey

Hanging By A Thread Of Gold with Charlotte Bailey

We’ve some fantastic columns on Mr X Stitch and we wanted to celebrate the authors who share their love of needlecraft with you. This time around it’s an introduction to our new Goldwork author, Charlotte Bailey, who brings a healthy dose of attitude to this highly regarded needlework form.

Charlotte Bailey - Goldwork Artist

Name: Charlotte Bailey.

Location: London(ish), UK

Charlotte Bailey - Ohno - Goldwork

Specialism: Hand Embroidery

Favourite Colour: Orange (bet you all expected it to be black…..!)

Charlotte Bailey - Reduced To Pieces - Goldwork

Favourite Film: Tie between ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

Favourite Band: Green Day (I even took my sewing to do overnight in their queue)

Charlotte Bailey - Loreto - Goldwork

Favourite Book: ‘Fragile Things’ – Neil Gaiman

Tell us a joke: A man walks into a bar. (yes, that’s all there is to that joke)

Charlotte Bailey - Damn - Goldwork

A little piece of wisdom if you please: Substitute your car’s steering wheel for a circular embroidery hoop and maximise all that boring time spent behind the wheel at red lights.

Thanks Charlotte! We’re really excited to see what Charlotte brings to the Mr X Stitch family. If you have an interest in goldwork and other high-end embroidery, or if you have work to share, drop us a line and tell us what you’d like to see. In the meantime, visit Charlotte’s website and go find her on Facebook!

Hanging By A Thread Of Gold goes out on the fourth Saturday of each month. If you like goldwork, here’s three other posts you’ll enjoy!

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