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First things first:
Hi everyone, thanks for reading this bit O quilty fun.
I just got back from a big trip to NYC for meetings and hobnobery on the road to infamy.
I mean fame. Ya, fame.

I hung out with a lovely quilter there by the name of Emily Fisher and she like me is a recovering Architect gone quilter.
She makes some really lovely work.

And as I know you are mostly here for images I have lots of them,
starting with one of her in front of one of her projects.

You can see why I got all fired up about her work.

Take a look at a detail of her stitching:

She wanted to be sure to note the dino was not to scale.

I’ve pilfered her statement about what her concepts are behind the ideas and business:
“”Haptic” refers to the sense of touch that includes the entire body, inside and out; it is also the mechanism we employ to situate our bodies in space, feeling the world around us. Haptic designs counter the rapid digitization of our lives by privileging the real, physical world our bodies occupy. Like a cane that safely guides someone down the sidewalk, haptic projects serve as tools for sensation.”

A bed shot:

See Also

You can get yourself one of these fine projects from the lady herself on her site:

or you can buy me one because I really want one now.
they are really nice, and she is really nice, it’s a dangerous winning combo.


LUKE Haynes is a trained Architect using his skills mostly for good. His work can be seen at his site and the associated blog. He is a full time Quilter and sometimes blogger. His work is showing across the country and soon the world. You can find him here at Quilty Pleasures on the first Sunday of each month.

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