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Catherine Hicks - hideahatandfightback
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Catherine Hicks - hideahatandfightback

Catherine Hicks got in touch to share a brand new craftivism project that you might want to get into! Heeeeere’s Catherine!

What is Hide a Hat and Fight Back?

In the lead up to the Women’s Marches on Washington and round the world, my husband and I spent our evenings obsessively knitting hats for the Pussy Hat Project, furiously clacking our needles through miles of pink yarn. After so much knitting, were thrilled upon arriving at our local March in Austin Texas, to find ourselves in the middle of a roiling, joyful sea of pink.

Catherine Hicks at the Women's March in Austin Texas
For me, the best part of being in the protest was seeing the diversity and individuality represented on every head! Lady Craft herself spent the March raging against the machine (made) – a victory for the marchers, a victory for the resistance, and a victory for makers everywhere. I got the idea for the Hide a Hat and Fight Back project upon returning home after the March, and there was nothing craftivist left to knit.
My hands had been so busy, and were just itching for something else that was useful to do; I figured that there were other anxious knitters staring at empty needles just like me. In times of trouble, my Auntie Ro always said, “The cure for anxiety is action,” so the project was born as an excuse for craftivists (and myself) to keep right on knitting, crocheting, X stitching embroidering, cutting and glueing, etc. as a way of relieving acute and seemingly incurable political anxiety.

hideahatandfightback Darcidolls
#hideahatandfightback by @Darcidolls on Instagram

The project asks Craftivists to create tiny (fingertip sized ) pink pussy hats. Any medium or technique can be deployed; the more unique the tiny hats, the better. Once completed, the tiny hats will be attached to a printed or hand written card, and the craftivists are asked to document their cards and hats by posting to social media (#hideahatandfightback or by tagging @hideahatandfightback) as they “hide” their tiny hats.
The cards can be hidden wherever their makers want – in a dressing or ladies room, on a public bulletin board, in a taxi or on a bus seat, etc., or they can also be given directly, or mailed to a Congress person, Senator, or even the President.

hideahatandfightback ArtStoryOracle
#hideahatandfightback by ArtStoryOracle on Instagram

The cards will invite finders to post their discoveries on social media, and will encourage continued political engagement. Finders will be encouraged to join the movement when they post, and trolls will (hopefully) be discouraged by the sheer number of tiny hats they are seeing, as they realize that a bona fide movement is afoot.
Here is an example of some tiny hats, ready to go on cards:


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Suggested instructions for making tiny knitted hats:

  • Size one needle, DMC Perle Cotton #5
  • Cast on 18 stitches (think about the midterms)
  • Knit 20 rows (think about the Presidential)
  • Cast off
  • Using a size 22 tapestry needle,
  • Sew short sides together using casting on tail
  • Sew across the top using the casting off tail.
  • Turn Rightside out, and push the leftover tails out of the crown to use to tie onto your card.


hideahatandfightback Vendimiaaa
#hideahatandfightback by Vendimiaaa on Instagram

Suggested instructions to post on your card:

  • #Hideahatandfightback project
  • On Instagram as @hideahatandfightback
  • This tiny hat was handmade and hidden for you to find.
  • If you are angry or frightened by what is going on politically, take this hat as a symbol that you are not alone, and let us know you are out there by posting a photo of your discovery using the hashtag #hideahatandfightback.
  • If you want to join the mobilization, follow us at our headquarters on Instagram – @hideahatandfightback.
  • If you are OK with the current political direction, know that the tiny hat army is assembling, and start counting the tiny hats you see.

The Hide a Hat and Fight Back Project owes every debt to the original Pussy Hat Project.  We are simply an extension of that movement, and every hat we make pays tribute to all of the original makers.

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