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Welcome to Tooled Up, an ongoing series where we review needlecraft products that we think you’ll love. The world of embroidery is huge and there are loads of neat ideas out there. We’ll do what we can to find great gizmos and share them with you with honest reviews and the occasional affiliate link.*

House of Margaret cross stitch tote bag

I met Victoria and Frankie from House of Margaret (HoM) a few months ago, and was really impressed with the way they were thinking outside of the hoop with their range of cross stitch products. They’ve got magnets, bookmarks, coasters and even baseball caps, but I was most interested in their drawstring bags.

House of Margaret Cross Stitch Drawstring Bag

It’s a simple idea but HoM have created something clever here. There’s several designs for you to choose from, and each kits comes with a large drawstring canvas bag with tearaway paper interfacing on it. You stitch the design and when you’re done, you soak the bag and then remove the interface, leaving a bespoke cross stitched bag that is suitable for all kinds of occasions.

Soaking the canvas
Soaking the canvas before removing the tearaway interface

I took my kit on a recent holiday and although there wasn’t enough time to finish it – Mediterranean seas are hard to resist and stitching underwater is a bit of a challenge – I could easily see that the bag would be ideal for taking on holidays as a nice stitching project. The bag is robust and the plain fabric provides a great canvas for creating something unique. It takes a bit of time to get used to stitching through a bag, but you find your groove before too long.What was particularly handy was that I used the bag to keep all the stitching accoutrements inside it, managing to bring a craft project to a beach without looking like a hot mess!

Stitching on the beach, trying out my @house_of_margaret #crossstitch bag. #swag #mrxstitch #zakynthos

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HoM have several designs to choose from, but there’s nothing to stop you using the bag as a base for something original if the mood takes you. With a bit of time and some creativity you can make a really great gift for yourself or for a friend. As well as the drawstring bag, there’s a nice looking tote bag as well in a few different colours. On their site, HoM have a range of tutorials to help you get the technique down and they’re all over Twitter and Facebook if you want to connect with them directly.

Removing the tearaway interface
Removing the tearaway interface

House of Margaret have come up with a great idea here and it’s definitely something to check out. They’ve got a Christmas sale starting now, so it’s a great time to get a kit at a good price. If you want to stitch something that you can take around with you and show off your cross stitch creativity, these cross stitch bag kits might be the product for you!

Why not try the House of Margaret cross stitch cap?
Why not try the House of Margaret cross stitch cap?

Visit their shop and go get yourself something – tell them Mr X Stitch sent you!

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