I can walk the walk as well as talk the talk…

Every now and I again I do manage to finish a piece of stitchery myself.
I do enjoy stitching something in a five inch frame and then just sticking it up on the wall.
At the moment I have two collections in development, one of which is based on the titles of spam emails I’ve received. Here’s some of the pieces for your consideration:

Mr X Stitch Spam Series
This is one of those sentences that may have made sense once, but now that the interwebs have done their chinese whispers on them, it makes little or no sense. Perfect.
This was the first one I did and if I’m honest, it’s not that good. I might go back and fiddle with it a bit.

Mr X Stitch Spam Series
Always nice to get an email from the Almighty. This one was a bit more fun than the last, and the variegated threads worked out okay.

Mr X Stitch Spam Series
Probably my favourite piece so far. I spent a lot of time clicking here, but to no effect. I guess I can’t be improved upon. 🙂

Mr X Stitch Spam Series
The final piece (for the moment) come as a great relief to all those of us who were waiting for approval before becoming testees.

I’m planning on doing more of these, and if you’ve got any interesting spam titles for me to try, then feel free to email me with your finds!

Mr X

Mr X

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11 thoughts on “I can walk the walk as well as talk the talk…

  • Ha ha I love the ‘click here’ one. Such spangliness!
    I’ll check my junk email folder for you and let you know if there are any you could use, I don’t tend to get all that many emails from god though … maybe I’ve done something to upset him?

  • I’m back- just checked my junk email and was amused to find lots of emails from a ‘Mr Hunglow’ , blimey …
    … my spam emails are pretty much all filth, mostly about enlarging my manhood so if they’re of any use to you (from an embroidery point of view of course!) e-mail me and I’ll send you a list 🙂

  • ooops left the wrong email on my last comment- sorry

  • I have seriously adored these so much. The font, the color choices, the spam itself…fantastic stuff 🙂

  • looool!

    I’ll be keeping a closer eye on my spam folder now, just for you.

  • I just love these. Especially the word “hinderpart.” ^_^

  • Putting the awe in awesome and the aw in awful, man. Awesome, because they capture so much about internet culture in so little space and in the tried-and-true method of cross stitch. Awful because some of us have spent a good deal of effort not thinking about “moms hinderpart.” Dammit, X.

  • CRystal (fiberartsy)

    29 March 2009 at 3:32 am

    I concur with everyone else—-these are great. I love the mixing up of all the different fonts.

    where the hell did you get red aida?!?!

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