I Love You Monsta Face!

A big shout out to my beautiful wife!
Here’s a little something I stitched for you ‘cos I love you.
Everyone has a little monster inside them and I made a picture of yours.
The monster has a cheeky look going on and a pint of Guinness in hand.
You may want to retreat to a safe distance..!

Mr X

Mr X

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8 thoughts on “I Love You Monsta Face!

  • how did the wifey feel about being green and only having one eye?

  • Katie Kutthroat

    12 October 2008 at 2:56 am

    that is so cute! seriously! your wife is a lucky ducky to have such a considerate husband. great job!

  • aww that is adorable!

  • hahahaha you are a good husband!

  • so cute! I bet she loved it

  • Hi Folks,
    Thanks for all the nice comments. You’ll be pleased hear that I am still in one piece – the monster was very well received. The more I look at the monster, the more I realise how often that monster engages with me on a daily basis! 🙂
    But I love the monster so I guess that’s okay.

  • I discovered this site some time ago, but I’ve decided to go back and read this whole blog from the beginning because I love it so much! I must say, this is one of the most wonderful pieces I’ve ever seen stitched. I love the little pint of Guiness! (aka. My first love in the realm of stouts.)

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