Domestitchery – Ikea Brings Stitchery Style Out Front

Ikea - Skruvsta Chair
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Domestitchery is where we take a look at how talented people make ordinary domestic items extraordinary through creative needlework

Well, I’m not the first to promote the big box stores that do a fine job of promoting themselves, but I am the first to pour over a catalog when it comes in the mail.  Doesn’t even matter what kind of catalog, either; fly fishing, gardening tools, over priced gift baskets and home furnishings are all fair game.  What a happy surprise to find the 2011 Ikea catalog sprinkled with stitch-inspired things!

Ok, so linens aren’t so surprising, but a loveseat?  Cool!

Need a modern chair with an old-fashioned charm?

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While these particular items may not be to everyone’s taste (including mine), I think it’s interesting that they may be an indicator of an increased awareness of embroidery that could open doors and minds to one-of-a-kind, artisan-made embroidery for interiors.   They’re even using embroidery to display a new picture frame.

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  • Ikea means “fresh” and “modern/contemporary.” Also, I think everyone sees Ikea as a low-cost alternative to “real” things, so maybe people will understand that actual hand-stitched things shouldn’t be cheap. “If the sheets at Ikea cost this much, then the real thing should be that much.”

  • I just went to Ikea on Monday and saw this stuff – It is great in person as well, and I was surprised that the red-work is actually real stitching! I was wishing the first duvet cover came in colors that matched my room better…

  • Ha! – on the back on my 2 months old daughters diapers there’s a cross stitched heart (printed though, not stitched). Very cute! I don’t know if Libero Diapers is an international brand..

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