Infinite Variety

There was an event last month in NYC of Red and white quilts.

link to an info site: Folk Art Museum

it was a collaboration between the Folk Art Museum and a little lady by the name of Joanna S. Rose, a lovely NY philanthropist.

It is my belief that this will like the Gee’s Bend Quilts take quilting and stitching a step closer to [my personal goal] mainstream fine art.

This was an exhibition of quilts the like I havent seen. Each of the 650 quilts was lit expertly and hung with a care befitting the best museum curatorial staff. Yet there they were three stories high with no ropes or barriers for us grubby passers by. AND it was a free event.

The quilts from this collection were red and white quilts. which just simply means that they were constructed from red and white fabrics and threads. These quilts were purchased not as masterpieces but as heirlooms and quilts from families as America grew into the country we know it today.

New York came out to see these pieces in droves.
[the people, not the quilts.]

I flew across the country to see them up.

I wish it could have been up for longer.

I am loving watching Quilts make it into everyday thoughts as not only a nostalgic item, but also the fine art they are.


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4 thoughts on “Infinite Variety

  • These quilts are just stunning!

  • What an incredible display! I love to see them in such a dynamic set up! Sure beats the table displays and on the wall stuff. Hats off to the creators and curators!

  • WOWEE! These look incredible. The curation is just fantastic, and what an impact with just the red and white. I challenge anyone to not see these beautiful, meaningful pieces as truly works of art.

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