The World of Chiharu Shiota

Nuido It Yourself - Japanese Embroidery with Madeline Scharpf


Chiharu Shiota is a Japanese installation and performance artist. She’s studied in Japan, Australia as well Germany and has lived in Berlin since 1996.




She’s best known for her room-spanning, elaborate labyrinths of thread which she links to everyday objects.










The webs remind me of an illustration by Stephen Gammell (‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’). Creepy shadows illuminate everyday objects in an effort to invoke feelings of recollection towards the most common items in our lives.

Her installations command and redefine the entire room. Visitors are lead on a hypnotic journey through her eerie, thread sculpted maze.




Chiharu Shiota’s network of thread represents the invisible connection between humans and their environment.








These keys were collected from people all over the world.










Chiharu Shioda expresses her life experiences using veils of thread.


Chiharu Shiota 2


Here’s a video in her own words, talking about what these installations mean and how she makes them. It’s incredible to imagine that she comes with no drawings and creates each piece for the unique space.



You can see more of Chiharu Shiota’s work on her website  or follow her on Facebook.


Madeline Scharpf

Madeline spends her time somewhere around the Pacific Ocean attached to a needle & thread while practicing Japanese.

Madeline Scharpf

When she’s not gallivanting overseas (usually to Japan) Madeline is making things at home in the Oregon countryside where she lives with four dogs, a pig and her human family.

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