It’s the Fifth Friday Festival of Fabulousness!

The Fifth Friday Festival of FabulousnessHey there everybody! It’s a fifth Friday! And you know what that means!

Welcome to the Fifth Friday Festival of Fabulousness! We’ve got four posts for you today, including a big old giveaway at the end of the day, so we hope you enjoy it!

Let’s start the Festival with a bit of music. “Like It Or Not” is a top tune by Architecture in Helsinki, but it’s the video that we’re loving here at Mr X Stitch. Just watch it and you’ll see why. Clearly a labour of love, it’s great to see stitchery on the move like this! Whaddya think?

Mr X
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Mr X
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9 thoughts on “It’s the Fifth Friday Festival of Fabulousness!

  • Hi Mr X – thanks for sharing the vid – it rocks! I know how long all that satin stitch takes to do, so respect to whoever stuck at it. AND a happy ending – what more could you want?

  • This is amazing! I loved the band already, but I’m now incredibly impressed with the stitchery on the video!

  • Wow!
    Lovely stuff, do ya reckon it was all stitched on green aida and then animated?
    I managed a 3 frame embroidered animation and that took long enough so I’m very much in awe of this.

  • Satin stitch is my FAVE to do but I agree with Jen, it takes time and patience. I LOVE seeing embroidery used this way and the music, really cool.

  • WOW!!! That was insane. And the song was great, too! My 3 year old daughter was watching it and said, “If I was in that video, I’d be embroidered, too!” Then when it was over, “We’re going to have to watch that ALL DAY!” She obviously inherited my awesomeness (and just this second asked to watch it again). Thanks for sharing!!

  • That last comment has reinforced the fabulousness of this fifth friday festival! Fantastic! 🙂

  • Man, that video is like 24 kinds of awesome!

    Collin – Yay for Duck Hunt! It looks great!

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