The Cutting & Stitching Edge – Johnny Murder

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Johnny Murder is the head of the Manbroidery group on Flickr. He’s a dude. He’s the kind of guy who would beat you in a fistfight for laughing at him for mentioning embroidery. Or at least that’s what I imagine.

Johnny does caricature stitches of characters that probably happen when cousins marry. They are creations from his Sloppyworld comic.

They are well observed examples of the scrapings at the bottom of the gene pool; they are disgusting and yet really cute at the same time…

They are also well finished pieces of work – Johnny clearly knows how to handle a needle and thread. And maybe he knows how to handle a gun as well..!

There’s so much more that could be said about Johnny; about his ashtrays across America project; about his awesome sideburns. Just go and explore his world and find out for yourself! Johnny and his partner in crime, Penny Nickels, sell their wares at their etsy store.


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