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Want to do something fun? We’ve set up a blog ring!

The blog ring is much maligned, due to the number of Encaustic Art* Enthusiast blog rings and Flowery Trowel** Fan Club Blog Rings that are out there, but we’re giving the concept a kick up the ass with the creation of the Mr X Stitch ThreadHead Collective.

All you have to do is go here and click the Join This Community button at the top right. A whole bunch of other stuff happens, and before you know it, you’ll be part of a list of the best contemporary embroidery and stitching bloggers on the planet.

And do you know why that’s cool? Because if someone visits your blog and clicks on the Next button on the ThreadHead Collective navigation bar, they’ll move to another stitching blogger, then another, then another, then they’ll go out and buy some craft stuff and make something and then their lives will be improved. And so the Craft Revolution will continue.

So let’s face it – you’ve got to join really, haven’t you? 🙂


* I don’t understand encaustic art.
** Flowery trowels – available in all garden centres. They are neither decent trowels nor attractive items. They’re just bits of tat that should never have been created. 🙂

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The kingpin of contemporary cross-stitch and embroidery -
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3 thoughts on “Join the ThreadHead Collective!

  • Cool! I’ve joined!

  • Hmm. I thought “I certainly don’t do enough embroidery to justify doing this,” but then I looked through my site and realised yes, perhaps I do.

  • I’ve never heard of such a thing! I want to look at the ring, but I don’t have a blog… I assume if I look more closely at MrXStitch, I’ll see a next button somewhere, yes?

    ** Also, yeah what is it with those flower trowel things? They do it with all hand tools and they’re always crappy tools. Obviously they’re marketing to women, but women want good quality tools. In fact, it’s easier to use good quality tools, so even women who don’t use them often would benefit from quality. [steps off soap box]

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