Domestitchery- Jonnybunny’s Headboard


Domestitchery with the Mistress T

Domestitchery is where we take a look at how talented people make ordinary domestic items extraordinary through creative needlework.

There are so many ways to incorporate stitchery into interiors, but stitching actual furniture… that takes dedication.


Jonnybunny obviously has what it takes, because “iron” scroll work wrought in embroidery is a pretty big undertaking.


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That’s A LOT of chain stitches, folks.  See the description of how this colossal piece was made on Jonnybunny’s flickr.

TheMistressT is a scumbler and plastrix by day and a craft dabbler by night. Her mottoes include “any excuse for a costume” and “there’s no such thing as too much carpincho.”

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