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Katie Commodore - Safe Word
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Welcome to XStitchers of Instagram where we share a groovy Instagrammer whose needlework deserves more attention! This month it’s Katie Commodore!

Katie Commodore - Safe Word
Katie Commodore – Safe Word – Hand Embroidery

Katie is an extremely talented artist who can turn her hand to pretty much anything, it would seem.

Katie Commodore - Food Porn
Katie Commodore – Food Porn – Hand Embroidery

However she mostly appears to be exploring the kinkier side of life and the personal persuasion of her peers…

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Katie Commodore - Kegel Balls - Hand Embroidery
Katie Commodore – Kegel Balls – Hand Embroidery

And for that, we thank her. Visit Katie’s website to get a sense of her true perspective. It’s great stuff!

Katie Commodore - Greg In Blue
Katie Commodore – Greg In Blue – Hand Embroidery

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