Too Cute Tuesday – Kitty by kaystir


How beautiful is this two-dimensional needlefelting by Madrid-based fiber artist kaystir?


I love the realism of her cat portrait. She is able to achieve a delicacy in detail and shading that is quite remarkable. And gorgeous.

Check out more of kaystir’s needlefelted work, including some wonderful pieces that remind me of stained glass, in her flickr stream and on her blog.

Fabulous to see the range of work artists are producing with needlefelting! Makes me want to start working in this medium again.

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  • I continue to marvel at her talent at needlefelting and that cat portrait is definitely one of my favorites! My number one favorite work of hers, she actually gave to me before leaving, much to my glee: Her felted treefrog 😀 (It lives on happily in the plant by my side ^_^)

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