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I’ve always admired people who can make knitted or crocheted toys. I think knitting/crocheting a toy takes way more patience than just sewing one with fabric. You’re making all of the material for the toy from scratch! They also give a unique look and texture to the plush that makes me want to reach out and touch it.

Crochet Flower Moon Bun Amigurumi

Flower Moon Bun Amigurumi by Moonscreations. I love that she incorporated real tiny plant pots with them, makes me want to put one in my window.

Crochet Granny Square Star Wars Tie Fighter

This Granny Square Tie Fighter by Yummypancake made me squeal in delight. She is a master of nerdy crochet creations!

Crochet Giant Squid Baby

Ang Davidson is definitely one of my favorite crochet toy makers. She creates amazing ambitious things like this 5 foot long Giant Squid Baby.

Knitted Owl Family

This knitted Owl Family by SweetBauerKnits is so adorable. Love their crazy huge eyes and chubby bodies. She has a bunch more adorable owl designs, some in costumes!

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Knitted Monsters Ursula and Uma Hug
Dangercrafts made this pair named Ursula and Uma in several different color combinations but this one is my favorite. I love the simple design and that you can knot their arms together to make them hug.

Do you have a favorite crochet or knitted toy maker? Post it in the comments!


Chelsea Bloxsom is the woman behind Love & a Sandwich.
She is most known for making monsters out of faux fur, but has recently gotten into making embroidered and appliqued fanart on embroidery hoops! Her work can be found updated almost daily here!

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